Privacy Policy

Global Array and its network of sites collects only aggregate information of its visitors. Said information includes, the domain name, the IP (Internet Protocol) name, the referrer address, visited pages, and other publicly available information. This information is then used to help provide a better experience for the demographic our services attract. Here in, persons that have not signed up for services will be deemed "users". When signing up for Global Array services personal information such as your email address, ISP, location, and other information may be requested to complete the process. Should you not wish to give such information, we ask that you email use through our contact page, so that we may assist you in obtaining an account with only the information you choose to give. Here in, people who sign up for services will be deemed "Members". We use our members information to tailor our services to their (the members) character and to better target our advertising and development initiatives.

  Global Array does not sell nor make commercially available specific information about its members or users. Only aggregate information about users and members is available to third parties. Exceptions to this policy include any law enforcement request in regard to content violations, or applicable local, regional, or national laws. Global Array and its network of sites maintains a database of its users and members information. Said information is used for internal purpose only, including, but not limited to advertising initiatives, technical support, customer service, service information and/or enhancements.

  Any entity may delete their account at anytime, by contacting service personnel through web based contact pages. Upon deletion request
(s) all specific information is deleted, aggregate information will remain on Global Array server(s).

  Any question and/or problems regarding our privacy policy, may be mailed via our contact page. Available at



  - 1.703.596.2221