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 5 Day Free Trial

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Price Comparison

Auction Assist has been providing business grade image hosting since 2001. In addition to our powerful browser and FTP based hosting platform we pride ourselves on our 99.9% uptime, and dedication to customer service. In a saturated market we are sure that you will find unprecedented service and value in the Auction Assist line of image hosting products.

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eBay Picture Services


Comparable Service
Auction Assist Platinum (500MB): $18 / quarter
eBay Pictures 55MB: $29.85 / quarter

You Save $11.85 and get 9X the space with Auction Assist!

 All comparison data was collected directly from the providerís website on January 31st, 2006 and is subject to change. Inkfrog, Andale, Vendio, Oniva, and eBay are trademarks of there respective corporations.


 Customer Testimonials

"I notice when I look at other auctions that use other services or worse yet eBay Ipix that pictures come up MUCH faster."

- Rachel

"I was using Andale picture service.. but I rather use your company. It looks like your service is a Class A act. I love the bigger pictures that I can post on eBay."

- Herbert L

"Thanks for the attention you gave this problem and know that I SO appreciate the picture host being dependable."

- Rick