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Key Features

Powerful Auction Management

  • Organize - Create, rename, annotate, and delete your auctions with our intuitive management system.
  • Promote - Build dynamic auction listings with our visual editor, you can even spell check your listings before you publish!
  • Display - Automatically generate thumbnail driven photo galleries with up to 50 images per auction.
  • Streamline - If you have standard payment, shipping, warranty, or feedback information you can automatically include this content using our global template feature.
  • Track - With the click of a button you can include ad-free text based hit counters in your auctions.

Multiple Image Management Solutions

  • Custom Views - In addition to our auction view, you can choose between a thumbnail view or alphabetical view.
  • Custom Folders - Create a folder hierarchy that allows for quick retrieval and easy organization.
  • Annotate and Rename - Keep track of your images by author, title, and description. You can also rename your images in a traditional fashion.
  • Quick Link - When using the thumbnail view you are presented specific linking information for each image. Both the direct web address and HTML code are included.
  • FTP Access - Every account includes full read/write FTP access. We also provide setup instructions for popular applications including eBay Blackthorne, Sellers Assistant, and WS_FTP.


 Customer Testimonials

"I notice when I look at other auctions that use other services or worse yet eBay Ipix that pictures come up MUCH faster."

- Rachel

"I was using Andale picture service.. but I rather use your company. It looks like your service is a Class A act. I love the bigger pictures that I can post on eBay."

- Herbert L

"Thanks for the attention you gave this problem and know that I SO appreciate the picture host being dependable."

- Rick