About Auction Assist

Founded in 2001, Global Array Networks, LLC provides hosting solutions that enable the visual Internet. Since its inception Global Array Networks has operated its flagship service, Auction Assist. Auction Assist provides easy to use auction solutions, primarily in the form of image hosting. Founded on the principle that the customer is the most important part of business, Global Array Networks has acquired a loyal user base that respects our attention to efficient, and effective customer support. Global Array Networks employs redundant servers and backbone connections. Our tested network consists of three customized servers and two dedicated backbone connections, one to Qwest and the other to Level3. Our proven image hosting system has been tested with a member base of over 9,000 people, generating almost 1.5 million page views a day. At any given time our servers will host in excess of 50,000 images, all capable of being accessed with the click of a button. Our network was built from the ground up using a Windows 2000 Server platform; this enables our servers to communicate in real-time, removing the possibility of pro longed server outage. The staff of Global Array Networks will be more then happy to help you with any inquiries you may have.